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Sell your art online: art-bee for Artists

The ideal solution for all Artists

How to sell art online using art-bee?

Artists can now sell by themselves with online galleries like art-bee

The art market is shifting to online sales

Because galleries were once the only way for artists to sell and display their art, they were essential for art promotion.

But some say galleries nowadays are quaint vestibules of antiquated labor that have become quaint places to dump unwanted junk for the trash collectors (we believe that it is clearly a little extreme). While galleries can still be an essential part of the art industry, they can no longer charge outrageous prices for the privilege of viewing or buying artwork. Galleries that still exist today largely exist as commercial venues that display art in order to sell art. This is fine, but there is so much more that can be done when it comes to artist selling art online!

The advent of free websites for artist made selling art online the new landscape of contemporary art marketing forever. The number of people who support art-starving artists will drop to zero by 2021. Fortunately, independent artists can now use social selling and e-commerce to support themselves financially and make any art they want from their own studios. With the emergence of online art galleries like art-bee, the traditional art-gallery is no longer necessary for artists to sell their work.

How artists can sell online by themselves?

A free website or virtual gallery is essential for artists who want to make art sales online. Artists need a portfolio to showcase their works and to build their business. A free website for artist allows you to build a following, get feedback, and sell art by displaying your work in various formats. You can even put a free gallery on your website so that local customers and other art-lovers can browse and buy your art. There are many other ways to build your following and establish an online presence, but none are as simple as having a free artist’s website!

Artists should own an online gallery to promote themselves and their work online. Many free sites are poorly designed and lack quality content or design. A good art-website must be both user-friendly and visually appealing in order to sell artwork online. Fortunately, there are free art website makers for artist that provide beautiful designs and graphics in a variety of formats. You can also find a variety of information on these free sites that relate to your art.

Low commission, full inclusive services: art-bee is the best option for artists who want to sell online

Create your gallery for free on art-bee, you will showcase all your portfolio and start selling in minutes

It is important to note that a free website for the artist does not need to be overly complicated or confusing. Although many free websites for artists don’t have fancy graphics they are still very useful. Simple and straightforward websites for artists are the best. Your website should be geared towards your audience. Your visitors should feel at ease and be able to locate you easily. Your visitors will be turned off by a confusing and cluttered website, which can make it difficult for them to purchase anything in your gallery.

Another important consideration is how easy your site will be to navigate. You likely sell and create art on a daily basis through your website if you’re an artist. Your website should be easy for visitors to navigate. You could lose potential customers if you can’t find what you are looking for on your homepage! For this reason, all important sections are available at a single click to every visitor and potential customers on your art-bee profile.

When designing your website, you should consider how it will be used by visitors. A one-page layout is the most common design for artist websites. This will mean that every page on the website will only display one image or photograph, until it loads completely. If you sell large photos, this can become annoying. Keep your website’s design simple and small. art-bee offers a very simple and intuitive, yet powerful interface: you can upload an unlimited number or original artworks easily!

Sell original artworks, limited editions prints and licences with the digital files of your works

You can use art-bee to sell your original artworks, but also high quality prints: our print-on-demand module is fully integrated with the gallery. You set the amount you want to receive for your royalties, and we take care of all the rest (billing, production, shipping). You can also sell the digital files of your artworks: simply set your royalties and activate the service; Customers will be able to purchase licences and download your image files.

Selling limited editions prints or licences is a great way to maximizing the value of your work, even if you have already sold the original artworks! This way you can still earn money from your art even if you have already sold the original.

What is the gallery with the lowest sale commission online?

art-bee is the online gallery offering the lowest commission on sales. This is because we have a great number of artists, so we are able to lower the costs to minimum. But it is also because we believe artists are the one creating the art and they deserve to have a fair share of the profits. If there are no artists, there is no art! art-bee is a free gallery where artists can register and showcase unlimited artworks for free: you will only pay a sale commission when you sell.

Access the online market worldwide and sell on social media

art-bee offers a state-of-the-art marketplace for artists, making it possible to easily show your art to a worldwide audience: our free gallery empowers you to sell worldwide. Our art advisors and commercial staff also negociate with customers on your behalf so you can concentrate on what is the most important: creating your art.

art-bee communicates on social media on a daily basis and share artworks for sale, so all artists from the gallery have a chance to have their works exhibited in front of a massive audience.

Free access

Free and unlimited registration

Earn more money

Lowest sale commission on the market

Secure transactions

Secured direct purchase


Post all your art for free, we will promote your works and get paid only when we sell!


art-bee is the well-known art marketplace in Europe and around the world


Our cutting edge technology lists your art not only on search engines, but also on “Google Products”, “Instagram Shopping”, “Facebook Marketplace” and Pinterest!


Sell online and enjoy 0% sales commission for the first 6 months!


Promotion, sale, negotiation, shipping: powerful tools to optimize all aspects of the promotion and sale of your works.


Artists from all around the world are already trusting art-bee to sell their art online.

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