Buying on is very simple.
First you need to register or login with existing account.

If you only wish to buy products at the moment choose the Buyer role from the drop down menu.
If you would like to sell products or materials select your respective role.

Keep in mind that you can change your role anytime later on, if you wish to start presenting and selling your work on Art Bee.
All of the user roles can be used to buy products.
After successful registration, using the search or browsing the categories, locate the product that you would like to buy.

When you open your product click on the Order, a new dialog will appear where you need to enter your address (if the seller is shipping the product) and a message to the seller.

The image above is an example.

You can track your current orders from your profile page.
The seller will further contact you through our messaging system to continue negotiation about buying a particular product.

When you complete a purchase, clicking on Mark as complete button you will allow you to evalute the seller and the transaction.

The image above is an example.

The number of likes or dislikes represents the ammount of positive or negative evaluations the seller gained through trading on art-bee. These cannot be gained otherwise.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.
We wish your happy trading!

Art Bee team